Team Award

The Indiana CTO Council Team Award recognizes an exceptional district team for its transformational impact on educational technology and its work to improve student learning, opportunities, and access.

The 2019 Team Award was given to the leadership team of MSD of Mt. Vernon. This team rolled out a reliable 1:1 with a solid, fast, and safe infrastructure. This implementation, combined with amazing teachers and hardworking students pushed their school grade from a C to an A. They do an excellent job of keeping the classroom teacher as the number one priority, pushing immediate resolution for those problems impacting instruction. This team meets regularly and gives voice to all members of their school community. In addition, they have fostered great collaboration with neighboring districts, both by being a repeat host of the summer of eLearning, but also by partnering to create an edTech podcast (Control Art Delete) with more than 20,000 downloads across Indiana, and worldwide.

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