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    IAPSS/Indiana CTO Council Seminar

    Driving K12 Innovation- Hurdles, Accelerators and Enablers

    February 20, 2020 - Wayne Township Grand Hall at Westlake Gardens, Indianapolis

    Innovative technologies, a changing threat landscape, and the transformation and disruption of higher ed and workforce should make district leaders evaluate our K12 educational methods and pathways. Learn what accelerators can drive teaching and learning and what primary hurdles may hinder it. This hands on seminar will help your team focus on how to drive innovation and what your district can and should do to redefine career readiness and better prepare students for their future in a changing landscape.


    All District Leaders Invited! School districts are encouraged to bring teams of the superintendent, chief technology officer, and assistant superintendents/curriculum directors as there will be interactive sessions interspersed throughout the day.

    Topics Include:

    • CoSN’s 2020 Driving K-12 Innovation Overview
    • Team Innovation Assessment – “Where are your innovation needs?”
    • Hurdles, Stories and Explanations
    • Small group collaborative exploration of hurdles, enablers and accelerators
    • Keep Innovation Safe – Cybersecurity Considerations – FBI Cyber Division Speaker


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