• In partnership with the Indiana Department of Education, Indiana CTO Council is pleased to offer training in Six Sigma tools and methodologies. This training can assist CTOs in their work to produce measurable results, optimize processes and show continuous improvement.


    White Belt Training

    Offered at the 2017 and 2018 Indiana CTO Clinics, the one day White Belt training provides an overview of the Six Sigma tools and methodologies.


    Green Belt Training

    New for 2018, the six day Green Belt training offered for a more thorough understanding and an opportunity to earn a certificate and certification. Attendance at the White Belt training is NOT required for participating in the Green Belt training. More details about the content are listed below. Training was held at Ben Davis University, 1155 South High School Road, Indianapolis on the following dates:

    • Jan 29-30, 2018
    • Feb 20-21, 2018
    • Mar 5-6, 2018


    The cost of the training is as follows:

    • CoSN Members:  $800 per person
    • Non-members: $1,000 per person
    • Check or PO can be sent to:
      • Indiana CTO Council
      • c/o Plymouth Community Schools, Attn: Bruce Johnson
      • 701 Berkley St
      • Plymouth, IN 46563
      • or email to bjohnson@plymouth.k12.in.us 

    To register for this opportunity, please complete this form: https://goo.gl/forms/YgpzaVPo4hsD7mY73  



    by Purdue University Manufacturing Extension Partnership

    Learn the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process, data collection techniques, and statistical methods used to attack and resolve your most critical issues. Successful Six Sigma projects produce measurable results and help in process optimization and continuous improvement.


    Six Sigma Green Belt

    Purdue University Six Sigma Green Belts are trained in a subset of Six Sigma Black Belt tools and methodologies. Green Belts assist Black Belts with major projects and can independently lead minor projects. The Green Belt training is for employees at all levels of an organization. Participants will leave the training with a thorough understanding of the DMAIC process, data collection techniques and the statistical methods used in Six Sigma projects.


    Green Belt Training Certificate is granted to those participants that attend all 6 days of training and pass the Green Belt exam.


    Green Belt Certification is granted to attendees who have received the Green Belt Training Certificate and successfully completed a Green Belt project.